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Heard it through the Grape Vine

Hands in the air if you’ve ever stolen a grape from Woolworths.

You know what I mean; just to see whether the taste is worthy of your trolley. We, the Townsville lawyers at O’Shea & Dyer will abashedly put our hands in the air with you… But when you accidentally drop one in the process, do you fully comprehend the ramifications of your crime, which is now not only theft, but potential grape tragedy. Despite your actions being the reason behind a grape on the run, it seems that Woolworths have to wear your cause.

According to a recent publication of Proctor (a magazine published by the Queensland Law Society), in 2009 over 1463 incidents in Woolworths stores were grape related, equating to a nice and even 10 percent of all customer and employee injury claims. See, I can personally say that if I slipped on a grape, I wouldn’t be expecting much. But upon raising a claim against Woolworths a few years ago, a certain Woolworth’s worker walked, or hobbled away with a healthy $437,037.26 (decision of QCA, 2016. Woolworths Ltd v Grimshaw)

So please, do tell. If you’re bearing the brunt of a grape misfortune, get an opinion from a Townsville personal injury lawyer. We would grapely suggest you urgently explore the topic of compensation for your injury with a Townsville Lawyer. Be aware that time limits apply. 

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