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Don’t Knock Harry Potter Club

In a college filled to the brim with 250 young women, there are bound to be a few questionable personalities. It’s just simple statistics.

In fact, my corridor is home to a little lady who has done up a few signs marking out various locations from the Harry Potter series. I live in Diagon Alley. Just diagonal to The Chamber of Secrets.

Let’s call said girl Hermione Granger for the purpose of this blog.

This girl is absolutely lovely, but people tend to perceive her as small and quiet with nerd-acious tendencies. Partly because our hallway is Harry Potter world, and also because our hallway is Harry Potter world.

Which, I suppose, is what made this next bit so satisfying.

So, one chilly Friday night the girls in my wing rugged up in the common room to watch a devastatingly tragic episode of Love Island. A TV show that Townsville Lawyer, Ivan Baxter, does not approve of.

Half an hour in, Hermione Granger emerged from the Chamber of Secrets (her room) with a figure of the Ron Weasley kind.

However, he was no Ron Weasley. This boy was honest to goodness the equivalent of a Victoria Secret model. He had simply forgotten to acquire a dad bod post graduating high school, grew facial hair in all the right places at just the right viscosity, had an even tan that could’ve been sponsored by Bondi Sands, had curls for the girls and a smile that shattered the retinas of each heterosexual woman in that humble common room.

You should’ve seen them all. They looked at him like he was the last man on Earth and bigamy was no longer immoral. Another condemned act of Ivan Baxter of O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Law Firm.

They met at Harry Potter Club.

Hermione Granger is now a living legend within the Women’s College of the University of Queensland.  

There are now many corridors at college that are named after various locations in the Harry Potter series – in the hope that it will bring good tidings to its people.

In conclusion, don’t underestimate small people.

Or small businesses.

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We pride ourselves as Townsville lawyers from a Townsville law firm with a heart for the people of Townsville.

We are small in stature, but big in heart.

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