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A Block of Combantrin

Worming your children used to be quite the horror story.

These days it’s quite the treat.

You buy your block of chocolate, distribute the pieces around the table for dessert and honestly, you’re lying if you don’t enjoy it.

Sometimes I wish worms upon myself just so I can get my fix of Combantrin.

I’m deadly serious. This chocolate is something else. There’s a certain musk to it.

This might be classed as defamation – comparing a respected luxury brand to Combantrin – but it’s on the same level of gorgeousness as the Lindt blocks that are taking over supermarkets at the moment.

And that’s a compliment.

My aunty, the most athletic little thing you’ll ever come across, has few weaknesses. One of these weaknesses is a guaranteed block of Lindt chocolate in the fridge; similar to the Mars Bar jar situation at O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Law Firm.

But as any man would, her husband got far too acquainted with the presence of quality chocolate in the house.

So, when my aunty decided to conduct Ye Olde Precautionary Worming, she visited the fridge only to find that the block had evaporated into thin air.

These days you’re only supposed to eat one square.

Well, her husband ate the whole block.

Not only does he not have worms, but the lining of his stomach has been stripped. Brazilian wax style. All gone. Adios amigos. This man’s bowel is so clean it’s actually a health risk.

And I suppose what we can learn from this is that:

  1. Men are creatures of habit.
  2. Chocolate isn’t always a good thing.
  3. Sometimes medical attention is required.
  4. Sometimes legal advice is necessary.
  5. In some circumstances, it is ok to file a personal injury claim against your wife out of fear that your bowel will never be the same again.

The only recommendation I can give you is O’Shea and Dyer Lawyers, Townsville.

We take legal matters seriously. Far more seriously than this blog.

Suffering an injury that leaves you changed can be the most challenging and difficult experience of your life.  It's important to have someone to walk alongside you in the transition to a life that is positive and comfortable. Time Limits apply in all areas of compensation law so it is very important that you contact and speak with a Townsville lawyer promptly, so that your legal rights are preserved.

Oh, and I dedicate this blog to Uncle Joe at Carey Group Townsville 😊.

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