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Video is Yet to Kill our Radio Star.

Our leading man, Ivan Baxter has taken to the FM waves of Live FM.

In the past, my experience with radio has been nothing but disappointing.

In grade 12, I elected music as a subject. As our last assessment piece all students in the class had to compose their own song. A boy, who I suppose we can call ‘Judas’ for dramatic effect and to signify a monumental betrayal, wrote a song that made anyone with soul shed a tear.

Driving around Townsville sometime later, this song of Judas’ began playing on the radio. And funnily enough, Judas wasn’t singing it.

I took it upon myself to message Judas via Facebook messenger and tell him about this. There were several others in the group who happened to be in our old music class. 30 minutes later, without contributing a word to the group chat, Judas simply removed himself from the group.

So, as you can imagine, it has taken quite a bit for me to reacquaint myself with the radio; especially after this traumatic experience.

As I turned on the car on my way to work one morning though, the radio automatically came on. It was a shock to the system. My eye was twitching – a tell-tale sign that something may be suss. But then I heard the sweet voice of Ivan Baxter feature on Live FM. His voice was soft and calm and lovely. He just seemed genuine in his promise:

To provide you with quality and affordable legal services, to walk alongside you, to make you feel understood and protected, and to work towards great legal outcomes and a better future.

He said he’d love to help you. And he meant it. Ivan and the team at O’Shea & Dyer can help in all areas of law – Family Law, Compensation ClaimsWills and Estates and everything in between.

Thanks Ivan Baxter - for restoring my faith in humanity and radio.


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