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The Baxter family went to church twice this Sunday. Normally this would be terrible news.

Christine Caine was the reason why going to church twice this Sunday was ok; quite the privilege if I’m honest; as much of a privilege as it is to work at O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Law Firm.

Christine Caine is an Australian activist, author and international speaker. She and her husband, Nick, founded the global anti-human trafficking organization, The A21 Campaign.   

As I look at the website for the A21 Campaign, I feel the urge to copy and paste every bit of information. Not because it’s good – but because it’s powerfully shocking.

A21 work to reach, rescue and restore the lives of potential, present and past victims of trafficking; the fastest growing organised crime this world has to offer.

I’m completely sure that this woman, Christine Caine, was born with the stamina enhancing properties of beetroot juice, the strength of Simone Bile’s quads, the endurance of an Emporer Penguin on the outer edge of the huddle and the determination of an ant.

However there are no doubt events in this woman’s life that have advanced these talents.

Caine grew up on the outskirts of Sydney. Her family were extremely qualified, yet extremely poor due to their Greek immigrant status. She was sexually abused by numerous men over the course of twelve years. At thirty she disovered that she was adopted; abandoned by her mother as a child. She later overcame cancer.

None of these things define her, they merely influenced how she has bettered the world. I find it incredible to think that Caine’s overcoming, has in part fueled her passion to save those who are affected by the traumas of slavery.

A21’s vision is simple: to abolish slavery forever.

The heart of their organisation is to free ‘the one’. The one woman. The one man. The one child trapped and exploited. They see the one and fight for the one. 

If you are in a place of trauma and need to overcome, O’Shea and Dyer Lawyers are here to help you obtain justice.

Suffering an event that leaves you changed can be the most challenging and difficult experience of your life. We are here to help you. We want to walk alongside you towards a better future.

Time Limits for filing applications in the court apply in many areas of law so it is critical that you contact and speak with a lawyer promptly so your legal rights are preserved. We understand that such things are extremely sensitive and will ensure the confidentiality of your matter be respected.

For more information about the A21 Campaign - Click the link below:

A21 Campaign

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