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Put on the Red Light, Roxanne

Immersed in my first semester of University I received a quote of counsel from a dear aunty of mine, dear Aunt Roxy. 

Any grade above a four could’ve been another night out.” she said. 

With a grade of four equating to a pass, it was pleasant to hear that this was all I had to worry about achieving.  

However, I then decided to do a bit of a background check. In a moment of doubt I dug around the family tree to see if her words rung true.  

My Aunty is an Occupational Therapist. She went to the University of Queensland, which only allows students with an OP of three or better into its Occupational Therapy honours course. Turns out Aunt Roxy slaughtered the four year course with a straight bout of consistent High Distinctions (7) 

While concealing her streak of straight 7s, Aunt Roxy was speaking words that did not reflect her professional stance as echoed by extensive research above. 

This brings me to the topic of compensation. A little hairy birdy once told me that negligent advice from a professional often qualifies the means for a compensation claim. Yes, Aunt Roxy. You have been sarcastically targeted.  

Just know that the law firm, Townsville’s O’Shea and Dyer are here to help you with all of your legal needs. Hopefully your case is stronger than my own.

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