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No Feet, No Win. No Win, No Fee.

We accept all here at Townsville lawyers, O’Shea and Dyer; even people with foot fetishes.

If you’re anything like me you’re probably recoiling at the simple thought of being attracted to feet, because frankly, they’re unpleasant. When dreaming of calluses and bunions, to thick haired fingers of the foot with warts in hidden nooks and crannies, I surprisingly still struggle with the possibility of any fetish forming in the future.

Despite the repulse, they’re really important to us at O’Shea and Dyer. We like to dress our ugly little friends in comfort. Some of us try and make then look cute with ludicrous socks, but who are we joking? No amount of panache will make them pretty. However, our feet are especially important to us because they not only run for us, but also for you. These feet will run when you cannot.

Is that cliché enough for you? We’re always up for a cringe at O’Shea and Dyer. Despite the loss of freshness and descriptive power, all we can do is hope you can look past your wince and see the truth in the statement. Our little family of feet will run the distance, run the race, climb the mountain, and overcome the obstacle; all for you our dearest prospective client.

If you’ve had an accident and are suffering a physical or emotional injury that has left you devastatingly changed, we feel the need to walk alongside you in the transition to a new start. We are committed to obtaining compensation for you. And when you look down and see our sandals and leather loafers please remember; No Feet, No Win. And of course, No Win, No Fee.

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