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I'd Rather Walk

I’ve never been partial to the public bus system.

But then I moved to Brisbane and had no choice.

Since then I’ve grown to respect their convenience.

No, I haven’t grown to love them. I’ve grown to respect them.

Recently I’ve delved into the long-haul bus journey. I’ve been in association with both leading companies; Greyhound and Premier.

Here are my findings.

My trip with Premier was delightful. Not only was it noticeably cheaper than my Journey of the same distance with Greyhound, but it was just delightful. The bus occupants were lovely and decent and respectful. The bus driver provided tasteful banter and the air-conditioning system was partially working.

However, on my return trip to Townsville I decided to try out the opposition; Greyhound. All I have to say is this. Actually, I have a lot to say.

From my seat, at intervals of about 20 minutes I would here the ‘psssahhh’ of a beer can. Every half hour, without fail. Obviously, after the passing of 5 twenty-minute intervals this man had grown massively in the confidence department. He decided to announce to the whole bus that he was traveling to Townsville to attend his court date. He had been caught driving under the influence but was “just grateful the police didn’t find the pills he had stashed between his (private part) and (private part).”

He was then removed from the bus due to an incident that occurred with an attractive young European backpacker. Old mate suggested they meet in the bathroom at the lunch break stop.

This is what I’m suggesting. Just because the team at O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Lawyers are affordable doesn’t mean we’re hiding something. Your first appointment is always free. Be it Family Law, Injury Law, Compensation Law, Wills, Commercial Matters, anything really.

We’re the Premier of Law Firms. And we're a Townsville Law Firm. I never thought I’d end up comparing us to a bus company. But like always, give in to the metaphor.

Here at O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Lawyers, we carry and protect you from A to B, with a mission to minimise the ugly in between.

Book your first appointment with us today.

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