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Family Law Separation Guide - 7 - Divorce

Family Law Report - 9 Issues of Family Separation

Issue 7:  Divorce

If you are married, you can only apply to the Court for a divorce after you have been separated for a period of 12 months. 

Separation can occur while the parties are still cohabitating.  Most of the time though, separation occurs when one party physically moves out of the family home.

We can assist you in preparing an application for divorce or ‘dissolution of your marriage’. 

The application is usually very straight forward and many people do it themselves online.  There are fairly substantial court fees that apply (around $1000). Once the application is filed online, it usually takes around 2 months to get before a Judge. It often depends on how busy the Court is. Sometimes you need to attend Court for the hearing of the matter. Often you don’t.

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