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Free Contract Review Service - call us before you sign!

Townsville-based conveyancing lawyers O’Shea & Dyer would love to help you with the conveyance of your home and investment properties. Ivan Baxter, Georgina Paterson and Robyn Mullins are a trustworthy team with loads of experience. We give excellent service and attention to detail as we attend to the conveyancing work of our clients. We liaise with banks, agents, solicitors and government authorities on your behalf, guiding you through all aspects of the process. 

Buying a Home

O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors make the buying process easy and simple for you.  From checking the contract before you sign (to ensure it contains the proper terms and conditions) through to conducting searches, preparing transfer documents and settlement statements, we are progressing your matter to settlement with lots of attention to detail. If you think you will need special conditions in your contract to purchase (or to sell) please call us before you sign the contract.

We are constantly liaising with banks, agents and search agencies, reviewing search results and monitoring important dates in your contract.

We will speak to you whenever you have a query or need to be alerted to something. We will explain issues clearly and keep everything hassle free so you can focus on moving in, getting settled or finding a tenant. 

Selling a Home

Our conveyancing  team oversee the selling process by checking the contract of sale right through to settlement. We bring any concerns to you, flag anything that needs to be disclosed, make sure documents are received and signed and remind you of any releases you may need to sign with banks.


We have looked after the conveyancing needs of people in Townsville for over 35 years. Most of our clients are ‘return clients’ or people who have been referred to us by past or existing clients. Buying or selling; home or investment property; we offer reasonable rates for all types of conveyancing. We try to give the best customer service possible, keep our rates affordable and to deliver excellent outcomes for all of our clients.

We are a member of PEXA which is an Australia wide electronic platform for conveyancing transactions. This makes things easier for our clients.

Conveyancing Fees and Charges

 We try to give as much information as possible about costs involved in a conveyance so you know exactly what you need to budget for.

Georgina Paterson and Robyn Mullins look after our all of conveyancing clients. You are in good hands with them as Georgina is an experienced commercial and property lawyer and Robyn has been managing conveyancing for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on giving exceptional personal service to our many return clients and all our new clients.

Law firms vary in how much they charge as a professional fee for a conveyance. There are many other costs that are set by search bodies or the government. These are the same, whoever does your conveyancing. If you are in the early stages of buying or selling and are ringing around to find the best price, make sure when you compare prices with other law firms, you only compare the lawyers professional fee. Search fees and Stampduty are the same whoever you choose.

To find out more about stamp duty click the link -  STAMP DUTY

Free Contract Review Service

Our professional fee prices are cheaper than some firms and slightly dearer than others.  When you engage us as your conveyancer, we not only complete the conveyance – we also provide a free contract review service. So call us and speak to Georgina Paterson BEFORE you sign a contract to ensure that all goes smoothly for you.

Residential Conveyancing Fees.

Our fee includes a free contract review service. So please take us up on that and call to speak to Georgina Paterson BEFORE you sign a contract.


SALE of HOUSE, LAND or UNIT              There is no stampduty charged on a sale.                                                                  

Our fees are $650 (inc gst)                                                                      $  650.00

Title search (gst free)                                                                                 $   36.20

Admin fee                                                                                                   $   33.00

TOTAL                                                                                                    $  719.20 (inc gst)


PURCHASE of HOUSE + LAND               Stamp duty may apply.                                                                     

Our fees are $880 (inc gst)                                                                        $ 880.00

Title search (gst free)                                                                                    $  36.20

Copy of plan (gst free)                                                                                 $  37.15

Land tax search fee (gst free)                                                                      $   59.52

Rates search (local authority) (gst free)                                                      $ 169.85

Check search on day of settlement (gst free)                                             $ 36.20

Priority Notice                                                                                              $36.00

Admin fee                                                                                                   $  55.00

 TOTAL                                                                                                $ 1,309.92 (inc gst)


PURCHASE of a UNIT              Stamp duty may apply                                                                                

Our fees are $880 (inc gst)                                                                       $  880.00

Title search (gst free)                                                                                $   36.20

Copy of plan (gst free)                                                                              $   37.15

Land tax search fee (gst free)                                                                   $  59.52

Rates search (local authority) (gst free)                                                   $  169.85

Body Corporate search fee (including gst)                                     $ approx. 82.85

Check search on day of settlement (gst free)                                          $  36.20

Priority Notice                                                                                           $36.00

Admin fee                                                                                               $  55.00

TOTAL                                                                                                $ 1,392.17 (inc gst)


PURCHASE of VACANT LAND                                Stamp duty may apply                                                

Our fees are $770 (inc gst)                                                            $ 770.00

Title search (gst free)                                                                       $  36.20

Copy of plan (gst free)                                                                     $  37.15

Land tax search fee (gst free)                                                         $  59.52

Rates search (local authority) (gst free)                                          $ 169.85

Check search on day of settlement (gst free)                                 $   36.20

Priority Notice                                                                                  $  36.00

Admin fee                                                                                        $  55.00

TOTAL                                                                                          $  1,199.92 (inc gst)


PURCHASE – OFF THE PLAN            Stamp duty may apply                                                                     

Our fees are $990 (inc gst)                                                  $   990.00

Title search (gst free)                                                              $   36.20

Copy of plan (gst free)                                                            $   37.15

Land tax search fee (gst free)                                                $   59.52

Rates search (local authority) (gst free)                                 $ 169.85

Check search on day of settlement (gst free)                        $   36.20

Priority Notice                                                                         $ 36.00

Admin fee                                                                               $   55.00

TOTAL                                                                               $  1,419.92 (inc gst)


Things to Note

IF both parties are using PEXA - the PEXA Fee is an additional $57.03

There may be other searches that we recommend or you would like (eg. A Water meter reading. Main Roads Search, Powerlink Search, or inspections of body corporate records).

If you do extra or additional searches there will be additional fees, so it is best to talk to Georgina Paterson or Robyn Mullins.

If required – express post is $7.75/parcel and bank cheques are $10.

Admin fee – is a fee which partly covers the vast amount of stationery, photocopying, general post, printing + scanning involved in a conveyance.

Banks pass on government registration fees which is extra and unavoidable.


If you have any queries throughout the conveyancing process, feel free to call us to discuss it with us. We are always available to assist and eager to help you.

Talk to one of our conveyancing lawyers in Townsville today. Contact us on 07 4772 5155 or fill out our online contact form for all your legal concerns.

What our Clients have to say...

Mark is a Townsville boy and owns ‘Advantage Signs’ in Aitkenvale. I’m originally from New Zealand and have lived here for over 10 years. We recently sold our house in Mt Louisa and purchased a ‘renovators dream’. Mark called O’Shea & Dyer to do the conveyances and the team looked after everything for us. Everything went smoothly and efficiently and the experience was made easy and stress free for us. 

- Jane and Mark Chester

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