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Boys Will Be Boys

I wish I had the energy to be a feminist.

It’s all I see these days. Empowered women who are absolutely working it for the sake of empowering fellow women. Some more tastefully than others I’ll have you know.

And to all these articles and movies and fashions I nod my head firmly, furrow my brow like I’m facing deep, profound thought, and then get on with life.

But the occasional article makes you stop. The article where a young woman is murdered and taken advantage of.

Just recently my Facebook feed was congested with the name Eurydice Dixon, a young Melbourne comedian whose body was found on a soccer field. And this congestion was thoroughly justified. For the first time in a while my profound thought face was not a dress-up.

On the eve of her murder, Eurydice Dixon left her gig, waved arrivederci to her colleges and friends, kissed her partner and walked into the night, through the park and towards her rape which was followed by her murder. I’ve never had a problem with possessive pronouns till now. To own something is customary until it’s rape.

Of all the words I read in my feed, these resonated the most.

‘Women shouldn’t be taught to be vigilant and careful. Instead, we should teach men that they don’t have more of a right to a woman’s body than she does to her life.’

Isn’t that sad. That Eurydice, had to be raped and murdered for things to change around here. And I hope they change. And even still, I wish there was truth to this statement.

Eurydice did not know her killer, but according to The Australian Institute of Criminology, 80% do.

We believe that change is motivated through justice.

The Townsville lawyers at O’Shea and Dyer believe that the days of silence are over. There is no shame in seeking justice.

Murder is not ok. Rape is not ok. Domestic abuse is not ok.

It’s your pronoun, and your choice to do something with it.

And if that choice involves a lawyer, know that O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Law Firm have a heart for you and you in particular.

As Townsville lawyers, we are 100% local. We have over 30 years of experience and are committed to helping people by providing quality, affordable legal services.

We also understand that matters such as these are extremely sensitive and require confidentiality. You and your story are safe with us.

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