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Beyond the Duty of Care

Townsville Lawyer, Ivan Baxter records his voice on a Dictaphone. 

He’s that terrible at typing.

And then Shelleigh will type up that recording for the sake of having physical documentation.

With earphones and foot pedal (used to pause in order to catch up with the speed of the voice recording) Shelleigh goes like the wind.

The foot pedal is hardly touched. She’s that hasty.

So if you hear the thud of that pedal more than once in the space of 30 seconds – you know that it’s being replayed for the sake of vocal clarity or simply humour.

Thud. 5 second interval. Giggle. Thud. 5 second interval. Giggle.

This pattern continued for a while from Shelleigh’s corner.

The earphones were then passed around the office, each member of staff falling to their knees like dominos.

The dictation went a lot like this.

Ivan: Blah blah blah

*Perfect pause in dialogue to make way for release of methane*

Ivan: Blah blah blah (all the while ignoring the terrible thing that had just happened.)

 Finally, the news was shared with the perpetrator where for the first time in his life he told a lie.

Ivan Baxter denied himself the legacy of farting on Dictaphone.

Admittance is usually his pleasure.

Even if it wasn’t the truth he probably still would’ve confessed to something this glorious.

But besides the lies, something beautiful did prove fruitful in this story. It was so warming to see the overwhelming concern of the team at the Townsville law firm, O’Shea and Dyer. We all took it upon ourselves to question Ivan’s health and suggested seeking medical assistance.

We care for our clients with the same degree of concern.

Townsville lawyers, O'Shea & Dyer, are here to attend to your every legal need.

Regardless of the variant, our degree of care remains unequivocally out of this world.

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