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Bad Devon is Just Devon

The other day Joanne Roebuck and I; mother and daughter; office manager and blog writer, were spilling over a dictionary of 21st century sayings. All was fine and dandy until we came across ‘bad devon’ – a phrase used to describe anything that may be a little bit off.

Joanne Roebuck has taken to this phrase like a cattle egret to the best looking cow in the paddock. She’ll come across an uneven table at a café and whisper ‘bad devon’ under her breath. She will see a grey cloud appear in the sky and can’t help but drop the old ‘bad devon’. It’s gotten to the point where we’ll walk past the deli at Coles and she’ll point out the ‘bad devon’, which is actually just devon in the flesh.

Despite her misuse of metaphor, this got me considering some extremely high level judgments. Is there actually such thing as good devon?

Devon is 60% pig and 40% mystery. I don’t think anyone can even specify as to what area of the pig. So really, it’s 100% unidentified. And because of this UFO status, I can’t help but conclude that all devon is bad devon.

Some People, are sometimes, like devon.

However, I’m proud to say that I am yet to hear Joanne Roebuck whisper those words whilst at the office.

We aren’t Some People.

Unlike Devon, we are 100% committed to helping you. We aren’t going to lie about our ingredients so you don’t feel bad about slapping our frail rubber body on a sanga. We are equal parts local, experienced, available and affordable. We are a gorgeous organic chicken breast, the most tender piece of eye fillet steak, a sophisticated piece of tempura tofu (kudos to the vegan/vegetarian population).

As your local Townsville lawyers, we are a (Townsville) law firm with a heart for people. We try to reflect this in everything we do. We’re here to be your conveyancing lawyer (Townsville), your family lawyers (Townsville) and all areas of law in between.

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