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A Rose Between Two Thorns

Our Townsville law firm, O’Shea and Dyer resides on level 1 of 225-229 Flinders Street East.

It’s superbly close to so many of my favourite things; Summerie’s Thai Restaurant, The Perc Tucker Art Gallery, Vinnies and most importantly the dancefloor of The Cactus Saloon.

Fun fact – the Snapchat location filter whilst sitting at my desk actually reads Cactus Saloon, which is often quite nostalgic.

I actually never thought too much of Law Firm Townsville, O’Shea and Dyer’s location until last year.

About a month or two ago, on a lovely 30 degree night out, you would’ve found me trekking the Green Mile from The Cactus Saloon to the Mad Cow; a walk which involves passing by the O’Shea and Dyer office door and giving it a quick pat.

But a pat was out of the question.

Inhibiting the doorway was Crocodile Dundee with a piano accordion, busking his way into the night whilst taking monetary advantage of drunken youth.

He said hey and we got to chatting about how my parents own the doorway he jams in front of.

Old mate blushed a touch and pointed to the Australian flag he had hung on the door just below our Townsville lawyers sign.  

‘Little lady, I make sure damn sure my flag doesn’t cover that sign of yours.’

I could just tell that if this old fella ever needed a Townsville lawyer he’d come to us. The respect was thick.

And with a voice like that on a street like this with a night-life like ours - it’s a likely event.

So metaphorically, if a skinny bird steals your busking dough or a drunken football player urinates in a beer bottle and tips it over your head whilst you’re on the job, Townsville Lawyers, O'Shea & Dyer are here to help (and tell you that you possibly need a stronger case).

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